HIMS is a comprehensive Healthcare Information Management System dedicated to managing the automation needs of virtually every segment of your healthcare environment.

The Radiology module offers a comprehensive system to cater to all the requirements of the Radiology Department. It provides for scheduling of appointment for examinations, examination processing, post examination results reporting and film tracking.

Renaissance Electronic Medical Record offers physicians more than just a solution that saves a great deal of time and money. This simplified EMR utilizes the most advanced and accurate engine to create all of your medical documentation needs in real-time. The Renaissance EMR was designed in cooperation with physicians to create reports that meet documentation requirements with as few steps as possible.

eHealthbook is a fast and efficient online portal that bridges the gap between patient and doctor, allowing a patient to maintain comprehensive medical records for himself and his family, allowing him to stay connected to his doctor right from home, and finally also allowing hospital and clinics a way to efficiently manage their enterprises online.


R-Utility is an integrated suite of data applications, tools and business processes, designed proficiently, to support Power, Water & Gas Utility Billing & Customer Care needs of the global market.


SRIT's feature-rich Learning Management System (LMS) enables organizations to drive productivity through effective training, content creation, and management.


RConnect Interconnected Billing System handles multiple inter-connect agreements and offers sophisticated auto-reconciliation features and offers high security and scalability.


R-EPC is the first-of-its-kind construction ERP solution, designed to address all the financial, departmental, compliance and operational requirements of various segments, integral to the construction business.

PeopleConnect is a web-based HR system with the right combination of functionality and reporting tools to effectively handle all the HR functions. It interacts with all the organizational members and automates all the HR activities - right from pre-employment to post-employment.

Infotrack is a complete web-based business solution that can provide exhaustive information and management control to formulate strategies and have a tight grip on automotive operations such as sales, parts and services, for both single and multi-franchise automotive businesses.

Infotrack Turbo is a powerful, fully integrated, flexible and easy-to-handle Car Dealership Management System aimed at automating typical dealer functions. The product is armed with enhanced scalability factors, usability factors and performance factors, setting it apart from off-the-mill DMS Solutions.

Zipdrive is an web-based, end-to-end fully integrated software solution that is designed to give you total control for automative inventory. The solution offers you an in-depth analysis of the information from across various departments, empowering you to take decisions faster in a dynamic marketplace.

SimpleRM is a web-centric, integrated suite of eCRM applications that includes contact, account, opportunity, lead, and partner management, marketing and telemarketing, customer service, knowledge management and business intelligence. It also integrates easily with back-office applications such as accounting and order.

Renaissance Document manager is designed to deliver a total corporate-wide, end-to-end Document and Content Management solution. Organizations rely on Renaissance Document Manager system for their versioning, security, check-in/check-out and audit trail features.

N’Vizion is a web based robust reporting and analysis tool, built to provide an integrated, comprehensive, consistent system to manage, communicate and report Environment, Health & Safety practices on a real time basis.