Dr. Madhu Nambiar

Founder Managing Director

Dr. Madhu is responsible for consolidating and focusing on core products and solutions, working out the smart way for SRIT to evolve and enhance shareholder value without sacrificing the key assets SRIT will require in the long term. His target is to grow the company and make it worth in excess of 2000 Cr by the year 2025.

P C Martin

Investor Director

Martin has been with SRIT since the year 2000. His primary responsibility is to achieve operational excellence across the Company operations within the prior-set budgetary controls and other operating parameters. Cost & spend optimization, administrative controls & procurement audits form an integral part of his responsibility.

Prasaktha V N

Investor Director

Prasaktha is responsible for ensuring that managers and leaders demonstrate high personal integrity; demonstrate clarity of thought and are entrepreneurial in their approach. Her mandates are to build teams where people can play from their strengths; inspire team members by connecting with them and by making them believe in themselves and inspire passion in others by articulating SRIT’s vision for the future. 

Krishna Kumar A

CEO SRIT Healthcare

Krishna Kumar is the CEO of SRIT’s Healthcare Business. Having been in the Heathcare domain for more than two decades now, KK has specialized in Product Development, Product Life Cycle processes and Institutionalization of Health-IT Solutions & Services across various Organizations and Geographies. Being passionate about Solution Development & Project Ownership, KK is also a tutor, mentor and guide to several hundreds of professionals inside and outside of the Organization.

Dr. Asoke Talukder


Dr. Asoke is the Chief Scientific Officer and CTO. He drives the technology programs for HealthCare in particular. At SRIT, R&D efforts take place non-stop. This has led to several innovative tools & solutions. Dr.Talukder has begun implementing AI (Artificial Intelligence) in Healthcare. Dr. Talukder also teaches AI & Machine Learning at NIT, Surathkal. He has begun developing AI algorithms for ICICI Lombard Health Insurance to reduce FWA (Fraud, Waste, Abuse).