SRIT is the Implementor for eGov Foundation’s software solutions, including their nextgen “DIGIT” platform.

About our tried-tested-proven eGov Foundation solution framework

Together with eGov Foundation, our target is to support urban transformation and improve governance, by completing implementation in 2000 cities by Financial Year 2021-22

  • Our eGov Foundation Stack is a set of Open APIs, and services, and reference implementations, set up as a public good, to allow government entities, businesses, start-ups, and civil society to use a unique digital Infrastructure and build solutions for cities at a large scale.
  • Our eGov Foundation Stack is being implemented in more than 16 states impacting over 170mill citizens. Generated more than 15,000cr (US$2bn) in revenue for City, Municipal & Local Bodies
  • Our eGov Foundation Stack’s Online Building Permission System (OBPS) is LIVE and in full use in 100’s of Urban bodies, Town & Country Planning organizations, and Housing Development Corporations in multiple States.